Should I wear graduated compression travel socks or stockings when travelling?

Don't fly without Body Plus Travel Socks

The simple answer is YES !

Health experts agree that everyone – not just those with a higher risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, or have had a stroke – benefits from properly fitted, properly worn graduated compression stockings when flying.

The keyword here is GRADUATED compression. Socks or stockings that are the same compression at the ankle as they are at the top, only compress the entire vascular system of the limb. However graduated hosiery is more compressive at the ankle than it is at the top. This assists in pushing the blood back up the leg toward the heart.

When travelling, it is recommended to wear Class I or 15-20mm Hg compression. This is relatively mild compression that will help prevent blood clots, minimize swelling and generally have you arriving at your destination in better shape.

TED stockings (the white ones worn in hospital) are not designed to be worn when travelling. These stockings are designed to be worn only when lying in one position for an extended period.

Body Plus carries a wide range of graduated compression Travel Socks for men and women suitable to wear every day and when travelling. Jobst is the leading brands of compression hosiery and there are many colours and styles to choose from.

Our staff will accurately measure your legs and fit the recommended style. We also ensure that you are comfortable with putting the socks on and how to wear them correctly. We will take as much time as necessary to pass on some tips to help when putting on your socks and explain the importance of adjusting the sock once on to maximise effectiveness.