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Abdominoplasty after weight loss

A lovely Body Plus client has decided to share her Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) experience.

I had, over 2 years lost 28 kg, and found that my already flabby tummy, was becoming increasingly unsightly and uncomfortable. So after much consideration,I finally took my GP’s advice and consulted Dr Kevin Dolan regarding an Abdominoplasty ! I decided to wait until the cooler months, knowing how I loved swimming, and aware of the fact I would need to wear pressure garments for up to 8 weeks.

Here is a picture of my tummy before surgery.

abdo before








Finally after a three month wait the day arrived and with a few nerves and a lot of excitement I was admitted to Glengarry Private Hospital for the surgery.
I had previously been to see Fran at Body Plus and purchased 2 pressure garments and a binder in readiness for the surgery.

nolegs 1








Day 1.
After being prepped for surgery, Kevin did the necessary drawings on my abdomen and I was wheeled into theatre. About 4 hours later, I was back in my room feeling sleepy and a little uncomfortable. I’m not sure how, but I had my corset on and the binder over the top! The corset is skin tight and a battle to put on but some how they had managed. I had a drip and a pain relief hand control, but really the pain was never more than about 6 out of 10. I also had 2 drains in. I was up to the toilet with help that first day.
I found it uncomfortable to sleep, and a little painful trying to push myself up on my elbow, but this got better every day. By day 4, 1 drain was removed and I was able to go home.
The hospital gave me some waterproof dressings to ensure the scar line and belly button were kept dry.

This is me ready to leave hospital. Wow !!

abdo day 1








Day 8.

I am absolutely amazed at how after only 1 week, my tummy is so flat. I have very little pain and find the pressure garment and binder give real support to the muscles and are not at all uncomfortable to wear. I do sometimes take the binder off for an hour or so in the evening, but otherwise have been alternating the suits and wearing the binder all the time. I have an appointment with the Dr on Monday, and look forward to having the drain removed and the stitches around my belly button taken out.
I find I can do most things around the house, but avoid lifting, pushing the vacuum and making the beds, so as not to put any pressure on the tummy muscles.

Day 9
Unfortunately, the drain bottle was quite full, and I went back to the hospital to have it changed. Later that night,  for whatever reason (probably my tripping over the tube) the drain fell out . I thought as I had an appointment with the Doctor in two days time, it would be ok. It turned out that I got an infection and the fluid build up caused some swelling in the left side. I started on anti biotics and needed to have some of the fluid taken off. As my tummy was still quite numb, this was not painful at all.  This lasted a couple of weeks, and the end result was the swelling went down, the incision healed well and I was back on track.

4 weeks post surgery.
I got the all clear from my Doctor and returned to work, on light duties for a week or so, but had no problem. I was able to do some walking for exercise but it was about 10 weeks after the surgery that I could get back in the pool and start swimming.

3 months have past, I feel great and have had to replace a lot of my wardrobe! They say it can take up to 12 months to get full benefit from the surgery, but I feel already the swelling has gone and my scar although is quite visible is starting to fade.
All in all this was the best thing I could have done for myself and have a confidence now that I have never had before.
If you are contemplating this surgery, then go ahead! The experience was no where near as painful as I expected, uncomfortable sure, but the end result is amazing. See for yourself!

abdo 6 weeks

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